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Hy-Tape: A Tape with Many Uses in Home Health

Medical tape is very commonly needed and used almost every day by health practitioners who work in home health. From procedures such as wound dressing changes to securing medical equipment, the medical tape is integral. Though there are a variety of tapes with each having a special purpose when used, the most effective medical tape for home health care workers is a tape that can be used in many areas.

Hy-Tape is a home health care tape with a variety of purpose

Always consider the features you want in a medical tape before deciding and choosing what will be best. 

Hy-Tape is gentle on the skin yet also holds tightly

Often patients in a home health care setting are elderly or have a long-term physical ailment. The skin of these types of patients is more likely to be fragile and sensitive. They also usually have invasive medical devices such as NG-tubes, catheters, and G-tubes. Due to this reason, it is essential that you choose a tape that can hold these devices in place but also can be removed or released gently enough to not cause trauma on the skin. Hy-Tape is a great choice for this kind of job as it strongly adheres to the skin so that it can hold dressings, tubes and other medical devices in place while also being gentle and non-irritating even with long-term use or high body temperature. Compared to other medical tapes, Hy-Tape help lessen the risk of tears, trauma and skin burns  

Hy-Tape soothes the skin

Hy-Tape has a zinc-oxide based adhesive (this the same ingredient found in some sunscreens). The zinc-oxide helps soothe the patient’s skin, unlike other tapes that can cause irritations. One of the most common allergies seen in medical tapes is a latex-allergy, HyTape is latex-free. 

Hy-Tape is able to endure the ordeals of home health care use

A feature you must look for in a tape for home health care is being able to be protect against secretions, excretions, blood and sweat. Make sure to choose one that is occlusive and be able to withstand bodily fluids, water and mild detergent. This is because changing a dressing every time it gets wet etc not only costs time but also can irritate the skin. With Hy-Tape, the patient and healthcare worker can experience its waterproof attribute as it can be washed and cleaned without any problems. This feature also allows it for long-term wear. 

Hy-Tape can endure any types of job in home health

Home health care work is a busy and tough job hence why most medical practitioners have their hands full all the time. This is because it requires balancing patient contact and providing medical care. So, if you’re choosing a medical tape, select one that has pre-cut strips, patches and single rolls. 

Using single-rolls helps lessen the risk of cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria to patients. Hy-Tape has single rolls that, when used accordingly, not only lessens the risk of infection but also reduces waste. 

Hy-Tape’s patches are excellent to help cover large areas easily just by a single application. If you want to make a dressing occlusive, just simply place Hy-Tape to cover it. Hy-Tape also has pre-cut strips for easier application.  

Hy-Tape is excellent in virtually every home health care job

HyTape has got you covered if you need a medical tape for almost every job in-home health care. Hy-Tape conforms to the contours of the body and can be placed on any sizes and shapes of wounds. 

Some examples of where Hy-Tape is used is home health care, post-surgical care, neonatal care, ostomy securement, wound care & dressing, scar protection, infection control, endotracheal tubes & IV catheters, hydrocolloid dressings securement, and many more. 

If you’re planning to buy medical tape for home health care use, choose Hy-Tape

With a variety of medical tapes that are available on the market, it’s not necessary to buy just one as each has its purpose. However, for home health care workers, they have dozens of tasks to do and perform sometimes all at once. So, instead of buying one for a specific use, choose one that can help you with almost every job. Hy-Tape is waterproof, occlusive, washable, and latex-free. It also is gentle on the skin but holds firmly in place. Hy-Tape comes in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Because of its multi-purpose features, it is perfect for home health care use. 

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