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Making Your Wound Dressing Waterproof For Swimming

Going swimming when you have a wound dressing or bandage presents its challenges. By taking proper precautions you can ensure your dressing is covered and waterproofed. Protecting your wound from infection is of course the main aim, but people often forget the importance of protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Whenever you’re going for a swim, securing your dressing on your wound is very important. You can create a decent hold on the dressing by making a 0.5 to 1.5 inch (1.5 to 4cm) waterproof border around it. Factors like currents, salt-water waves, and body movements can and will loosen your wound’s dressing, having a strong adhesive is therefore essential.

Pool water, even if it’s treated with chlorine, can slow down the healing process of your wound and cause it to become irritated. There can be a bacterial load that is present in pools. A wound should remain dry especially when it is still in the early stages of healing. Even water from a tap, whilst is usually the cleanest source, has a risk for your wound to become infected and aggravated, especially when used in conjunction with soaps and shampoos.

Germs and microorganisms are present in all types of water which can enter the wound, thereby, causing an infection. Your skin that surrounds the wound softens when you soak it in water hence making the wound shrink and then swell. This can also slow down the healing process. Making your dressing waterproof is easy and inexpensive if you have the right products.

From sleeves to wraps, there are various products available on the market today. Choosing the right one can make all the difference. One of the best examples that has all the protective properties needed and a lot more is HyTape. It outshines and stands out from others due to its various features such as being waterproof, cost-effective and UPF 50+. HyTape is thin and flexible and adheres to all types of skins. It protects the wound dressing effectively by creating a barrier underneath, this allows it to be worn for long-term.

HyTape is also latex-free which lessens the risk of skin allergies and reactions, and has a zinc-oxide coating for soothing relief of the skin. What makes HyTape best for outdoor usage is its UPF 50+ feature to help protect your wound or scar from the sun’s UV rays. It is also easy to cover your wound or dressing as you don’t skin preparation is not required when applying. Hytape has a variety of sizes for your wounds with widths from .25” all the way up to 4”. For large covering, 4” and 5” adhesive patches are available. From surfers to parents, there are many testimonies of people who have used HyTape and had positive experiences.

Try Hytape now and share with us your experience today.

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